Cashew Nuts Whole Organic
Cashew Nuts Whole Organic
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Cashew Nuts Whole Organic

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Product: Whole Cashew Nuts

Description: Whole cashew nuts are a great healthy snack packed full of nutrients. They can be enjoyed as they are or roasted for extra flavour. Cashew nuts are great for making desserts and pasta sauce too.


Whole cashew nuts are the perfect snack and packed full of nutrients. They also make a great homemade cashew nut butter when blended in a high powered blender. Enjoy your homemade nut butter alongside your favourite snack (pairs great with apple slices!) or as a spoonful on top of a warm bowl of oats.

Cashew nuts can also be used to make creamy desserts and past sauces for a healthy indulgence.

Benefits of whole cashew nuts

  • Great for snacking
  • High in protein
  • High in fibre
  • High in essential fats
  • Create your own cashew nut butter for an extra protein boost for bowls of oats, fruits, or paired with apple!
  • Blend to make pasta sauces
  • Pulse to break down and use to make creamy cheesecake

    Ingredients: Cashew NUTS

    All dried goods are currently delivered in paper bags.  Please add to the delivery notes if you already have jars and we will fill them on delivery. (see jar label for weights and order a smidge less just in case)

    Typical values per 100g
    Energy 2378kJ
    Fat 44g
    of which saturates 8.0g
    Carbohydrate 18.2g
    of which sugars 5.9g
    Fibre 3g
    Protein 15.1g
    Salt Nil


    All our products are kept in airtight jars however we also keep nuts (including peanuts), seeds, cereals, soya & products containing gluten in our stockroom and care should be taken if you have any allergies