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Product: Oregano

Latin Name: Origanum vulgare

Plant Family: Lamiaceae

Other Names: Wild Marjoram, Field Marjoram, Wind Marjoram, Spanish Thyme, Pizza Herb, Wintersweet, European Oregano, Oregan, Orégano, Origan, Orikano, Rigan, Ao le Gang, Wilde Marjolein, Marjolaine Sauvage, Origan, Pelevoué, Sajivan, Vild Mejram & Kekik Out.

Description: Oregano is a taken from a flowering plant from the mint family, it is a kitchen cupboard essential.  It’s an incredibly versatile herb and although it’s most commonly associated with Italian dishes and pairs well with tomato based dishes such as pasta sauces or pizza.  It is often used in Mediterranean cuisine as well.  It lends itself well to a number of different cuisines.


Oregano works well with eggs, cheese, fish, meat and poultry; use it to flavour quiches, frittatas, savoury tarts, pizzas and pasta. Add to stuffings and savoury crumbles, sprinkle on to salads and into salad dressings, oregano enhances the flavour of vegetables including carrots and works especially well with tomatoes. The leaves can be added to pot pourri and sachets to help deter moths and other flying insects. Dried leaves can be added to herbal sleep pillows and bath sachets.

 Ingredients: Oregano

All Herbs and Spices are currently delivered in paper bags.  Please add to the delivery notes if you already have jars and we will fill them on delivery. (see jar label for weights and order a smidge less just in case)

Typical values per 100g
Energy 1280kJ
Fat 10g
of which saturates 3g
Carbohydrate 64g
of which sugars 4g
Fibre 43g
Protein 11g
Salt 0.04g

All our products are kept in airtight jars however we also keep  nuts (including peanuts), seeds, cereals, soya & products containing gluten in our stockroom and care should be taken if you have any allergies