Earl Grey Green Tea 50g
Earl Grey Green Tea 50g
Earl Grey Green Tea 50g
Earl Grey Green Tea 50g
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Earl Grey Green Tea 50g

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Earl Grey Green Tea is a Flavoured Green Tea blended with bergamot oil - an ingredient made famous for its presence in traditional Earl Grey. This twist on a classic produces a distinct grassy flavour with citrusy undertones.

The Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Co. take pride in packing it fresh to order here at our Pluckley-based factory, nestled in the captivating vistas of the Kentish countryside. Discover its potential today.

What is Earl Grey Green Tea?

Is Earl Grey Green Tea as a rule of thumb? No - it is usually a China Black Tea, making our Earl Grey Green Tea somewhat of a rarity. The concept dates back centuries to when people added bergamot to Tea leaves to preserve them during long journeys overseas.

How it came to be named after the 19th century Earl and British Prime Minister, no one knows. However, there is a legend.

According to the tale, Lord Grey travelled to China for a diplomatic mission. It was while he was there that he saved a local boy from drowning in a river. The boy’s father, overcome with gratitude, presented the Earl with Tea leaves scented with bergamot.

The infusion became known as Earl Grey in honour of his service - or so the story goes. In reality, Lord Grey made no such trip.

Does Earl Grey Green Tea Have Caffeine?

While we can’t prove the origins of its name, we at least know that Earl Grey Green Tea caffeine exists. But the question begs: How much?

The average cuppa will have around 30-mg of this stimulating chemical compound, which is less than Black Tea but more than White Tea. Should you need extra help getting out of bed in the morning, in other words, then you’ve made a good start here.

Earl Grey Green Tea Calories

That’s all fair and well - but what influence does Earl Grey Loose Green Tea have on your waistline? It’s all positive news because it has no more than two calories per 8-oz cup. Additionally, according to the latest scientific research, it can promote weight loss (more on that later).

Whatever your reason for choosing it, be it for its extraordinary taste or health-promoting potential, you’ve decided well.

How to Brew Earl Grey Green Loose Tea

1, Put Tea leaves into a Tea Infuser or Filter (both available here).

2, Place the Tea-filled accessory in a cup or mug.

3, Boil fresh water and allow it to cool to temperatures between 80 and 90°C.

4, Infuse for 1 to 3 minutes. Any longer and you risk creating a bitter taste.

How to Serve: Consider honey or lemon. Alternatively, serve black.

Tasting Notes: Earl Grey Green Tea Loose Leaf boasts grassy overtones with unique citrusy hints.

Earl Grey Green Tea Benefits

Modern science indicates that Earl Grey Green Tea benefits your health and wellbeing in numerous ways. You probably want to know the “hows” and “whys,” though, which is what we’re about to offer.

All types of Tea contain antioxidants. However, Green Tea, in particular - including this one - has arguably the “best” chemical compound called Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).

Earl Grey Green Tea Weight Loss

EGCG can boost the metabolism of fat cells. This enables the body to burn fat quicker and more efficiently, meaning that periods of exercise produce better, more noticeable results. While Earl Grey Green Tea health benefits can’t do all of the work for you, they can, at least help.

Just be sure to carry on with those morning jogs and evening salads to reap the most rewards!

For a light tea infusion try our tea infuser.

For those that like it a little stronger we recommend our reusable tea bags.