Nutmeg Ground
Nutmeg Ground
Nutmeg Ground
Nutmeg Ground
Nutmeg Ground
Nutmeg Ground
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Nutmeg Ground

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Product: Nutmeg, Ground

Latin Name: Myristica fragrans syn. Myristica officinalis.

Plant Family: Myristicaceae

Other Names: Qoust, Sadihika, Wohpala, Nuez Moscada, Muscade, Muskatnuss, Muskotnöt, Noce Moscata, Jaiphal, Buah Pala, Rou Dou Kou, Natumegu & Szerecsendió.


Ground nutmeg has a warm, subtle spice with nutty undertones and is perfect for both sweet and savoury baking and cooking.

Nutmegs are the seeds of the fruits of myristica fragrans, an evergreen tree native to the Moluccas in Indonesia, now known as the Spice Islands; it is also cultivated in the West Indies. The fruits resemble plums in shape and are 5-8 cm in length, fleshy, and when split open reveal the seeds which are ovoid, 2-3 cm in length, dark brown in colour, with a hard seed coat surrounded by a red net light seed coating known as an aril, attached to the base of the seed.

Nutmeg is ground and produces a distinctive fragrance that is warming and subtly sweet - perfect for baking and adding warmth to cooking recipes such as curries.

Ground nutmeg is popular in Indonesian cuisine where it is added to soups and sauces and Indian cuisines where it is used to flavour meat and added to authentic curries.

In European cuisine it is added to comforting desserts such as rice pudding or to flavour vegetables. It is also traditionally used as a key ingredient for Thanksgiving and Christmas drinks such as mulled wine, mulled cider and eggnog!

In America, ground nutmeg as an ingredient for making pumpkin pie! 


Nutmeg has an aromatic, sweet, rich, spicy flavour, which works well with both sweet and savoury dishes. Nutmeg is usually grated on/into dishes. It is an ideal partner for dairy dishes including milky puddings such as junket, rice pudding and cheese sauces, use to season risotto, homemade sausages and burgers. It works well sprinkled on to vegetables such as carrots, potato and spinach and can enhance the flavour of meat sauces such as bolognese and chilli. A little goes a long way!

Ways to use ground nutmeg

  • Use as one of the key spices in pumpkin pie
  • Add to homemade mulled wine for a warming subtle spice
  • Add to vegetable curries for an authentic flavour
  • Use in lebanese dishes such as chickpea stews served with couscous
  • Add to warming lattes such as chai latte

Ingredients: Nutmeg

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Nutrition per 100g
Energy 2196kJ
Fat 36.3g
Carbohydrate 49.3g
Fibre 20.8g
Protein 5.8g
Salt Nil


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