Sea Salt (fine)
Sea Salt (fine)
Sea Salt (fine)
Sea Salt (fine)
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Sea Salt (fine)

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Product: Fine Sea Salt Israel

Description: Our High Quality fine Sea Salt is perfect for all culinary uses. Gourmet chefs believe that sea salt gives a better texture and flavour to dishes than table salt does. Fine sea salt requires minimal mixing into delicate dishes, ensuring a smooth textured flavour to your dishes, and being fine this sea salt can be used sparingly direct at the table to season your meals. Making our fine sea salt an essential ingredient for your store cupboard.


Sea salt can be used as a condiment at the table instead of table salt, and to season your culinary creations. Sea salt can also be used for a variety of household tasks, add to cold water and soak fabrics stained with blood and mildew for example, you can also make a salt solution of sea salt in warm to rinse out the mouth when suffering from mouth ulcers. Tip: Did you know that putting a few grains of dried rice into a salt pot will prevent the salt from becoming damp and sticking together in the salt cellar?

Ingredients: Natural Sea Salt from Israel

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