Smoked Paprika
Smoked Paprika
Smoked Paprika
Smoked Paprika
Smoked Paprika
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Smoked Paprika

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Product: Smoked Paprika

Latin Name: Capsicum annuum

Other Names: Smoked Pimento, Pimentón Ahumado, Piment Doux Fumé, Geräucherte Paprika, Fumou Páprica & Affumicato Paprika.

Plant Family: Solanaceae

Description: To make smoked paprika, first the peppers are dried and then put into a wood smoker, usually oak wood is used as it imparts a unique flavour, the peppers are then smoked slowly for days to give them the flavour we all know and love, the smoked peppers are then ground into fine powder.  Smoked paprika comes from an annual plant native to South America, which is now cultivated worldwide and in can become perennial where no frost occurs that reaches a height of 1 metre.  The fruits look like berries and are 1-2cm in diameter, bright green turning to red as the fruit ripens.


Smoked paprika can be added to most savoury dishes including eggs, meat especially pork, poultry, casseroles, soups, fish, shellfish, vegetables, sauces, dressings and marinades.  It can be used to add authentic Spanish flavour to your stews, casseroles and soups; it is one of the primary spices used to flavour chorizo.  Add to coatings and batters for fish and chicken, stir into paella and goulash.  Sprinkle over potato salad, devilled eggs and rice dishes and also onto potatoes prior to roasting.

Ingredients: Paprika Smoked

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Typical values per 100g
Energy 1632kJ
Fat 10.4g
Carbohydrate 60.3g
Fibre 19.2g
Protein 14g
Salt Trace

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